Friday, April 09, 2004

Party notes

Everyone arrived on time and Lauren was sleeping, of course. She woke soon thereafter and opened LOTS of presents, then we went upstairs and sang (she clapped when we were done singing!!), she ate icing, not too much cake, had a bath, played with all kinds of new stuff, ate supper and later went to bed. What a great day!!

The next day, we went to the dr. for her one year appointment and he said what we already knew but didn't want to hear, "If she's not sleeping through the night, trust me, let her cry. She's fine. She's not hurt. Let her cry." Yeah, right.
We let her cry. 40 minutes the first night with a 20 minute break and then 20 more minutes of crying.
The next night, 2 hours of on and off crying.
The next night, SILENCE...
I don't know if she gave up on us or if I slept through it (which I doubt) but silence is what we got. Not that I slept seeing as how I am used to being up at all hours.
The next night, also SILENCE. I think we're on to something. I'll let you know...

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