Monday, November 10, 2008

My mini-me

Jack is acting a lot like me these days. Very much a lap-time baby, loves to be held, tickled, played with, chased and loves to laugh at funny stuff on TV. He loves his sister SO much and cannot wait to get her from school everyday. He is SO funny!
Tomorrow is a day off of school and we are having a playdate with our good friends. We are meeting them at Pump It Up for jumping fun, lunch and playing after and general F-U-N!! She is so excited she actually grabbed my shirt and jumped up and down and screamed when I told her about our plans. She is having an amazing kindergarten year and she deserves to have a fun playdate as much as the next kid, don't you think?
All A report cards are worth it, right?

More later...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Originally uploaded by The Joys of Motherhood
Here is one of the only pictures of multiple children looking in a variety of directions. Jack, Daphne, Lauren and Daisie. Cute and LOTS of fun. Some candy, not too much, great fun!!
Yay Halloween!!!!!