Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005 part 1 007

Did Santa come see you personally?

'Cause he did for us! Lauren liked it (read: didn't run from the room screaming), but didn't want to sit on his lap, even after Uncle Mark did. Santa also had a cold, so he didn't talk, but did wave, nod and pat Lauren on the head on his way out the door. He brought her a cute red velour sweat suit and the jacket has a fringe of white fur, just like Santa's outfit! Too cool!! Hope your holidays were as jolly as that old elf!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Fantastic Christmas!!

We had a great weekend and got lots of nice gifts and ate SO MUCH food that we still may pop from it. Lauren's favorite gift was her "bike" (tricycle) that is "...just like Daisie's!" and all of her M&M's. She also liked all of her new clothes and her toys and craft stuff. We are so fortunate!
John and I got so many great things too, I can't list them all here.
I think Lauren is ready to go home and start playing with everything!! I am putting off going home and having to find a place to put everything!!
If only this were everyone's biggest problem...
I'll post pictures on my account as soon as I can and I'll let you know when.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

12-12-05 080

12-12-05 080
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What a group!

From left to right, the little one in the front is Nate, behind him is Ethan, Lily, Hailee (standing in the back), Lauren, Cassie (sitting in chair) and Libby.

Never realized how hard it was to take a picture with that many kids ages 1-2 1/2. Hats off to all photographers.

The countdown begins...

Monday, December 12, 2005

12-9-05 017

12-9-05 017
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The snow was so much fun! How did she know how to make a snow angel? Perfectly too, I might add. She also attempted to make snow balls (handfuls of snow) and throw them at me (bring them over to me and put them on my jeans and laugh and run away).
Bright smile, bright eyes and a brightly colored hat. So cute and warm. She would have stayed out all day long, but I don't have snow bibs and such a warm hat and coat. Maybe during the next snow we will attempt to build a snowman. Nothing like last year's attempt at snow. She hated it. This year, she longs for more.
The gloves are a big hit

While on a recent trip to a store, John found some gloves for Lauren. He and I agreed that we always hated mittens, so maybe she would like gloves. Guess what? She loves them. She is wearing them right now while eating a Pop Tart. We figured she might want to wear them to bed instead of the traditional socks-on-her-hands, but alas, it was socks at night, gloves during the day.
Funny girl.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Would you believe...

Both of our trucks broke down and were undriveable on the SAME DAY??? Last Thursday was not a happy truck day in our house. Thank goodness Lauren didn't freak out in the rental car. My truck is now fixed and John is getting a new vehicle. This was also the busiest weekend we have had in a long, long, long time and we had company that we were so glad to see, but barely got to because of previous commitments and looking for a car and closing loans and life.
The next few weeks will be hectic for all of us, but keep up the Christmas spirit and love each other, will ya'? Be nice out in traffic and in lines at stores. Donate what you can to those who need it. Sit with your loved ones around the tree and enjoy the lights and down time. Remember family and friends and strangers and your postal carrier and your trash man and everyone else.
Merry Christmas!!