Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today, my favorite is nothing like what it will be tomorrow

Lauren has gone through lots of favorites fazes. For example, she used to love applesauce and mac and cheese, now she loves pizza pie. She used to love Blue's Clues, then Nemo, then Toy Story and now it has shifted to Dora and JoJo.
I guess her tastes will change more and more the more stuff she is exposed to, but it's hard to keep up. I suppose I need to hold on tight since right now her tastes change based on what I expose her to, but when she starts having friends on her own and going to school, I'll never stand a chance.
Why do I feel like that is just around the corner? I'm not ready.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

We made it, but not without our own issues

John got back on Friday and the house had not burned to the ground, everyone was clean and sort of rested, but...
A storm Wed. night/Thurs. morning had awakened Lauren and me during the night causing her to cry, "Momma! Please come! Momma! Please come!" over and over and how could I not go? So she slept in our bed with me with the understanding that Thursday night she would be back in Lauren's bed, and she was. The truck overheated, but was able to be limped home, but that left us trapped at home. Fortunately, it was really to hot to be out anywhere anyway, and we have a good friend who was more than happy to act as our taxi.
We can do it without John, but who would want to?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just us girls

For the next couple of nights, John will be out of town on business. SO, it will be Lauren, "Big Libby" (Lauren's name for the dog), "Baby Grace"(Lauren's name for the cat who weighs 18 pds.) and me. Lord help us.
We do have some plans. Tomorrow for lunch, Chuckie Cheese with some friends, loan closing tomorrow night, Thursday evening an open house for Hands on Discovery. Friday maybe swimming.
I know we can do it without John, but we don't want to. We will miss him. The dog will be a basket case. The cat will cry and try to get in out bedroom. Lauren won't sleep well so neither will I.
We will try to have fun, after all isn't that what girls want? They just wanna have fun!
I'll let you know...

Friday, July 15, 2005

Off to the fair with friends

Last night Lauren and I went back to the fair with some friends. They had never had the pleasure of experiencing the Gibson County Fair, let alone the fact that this was the 150th anniversary. It was so much fun and was SO hot. Lauren rode a lot of rides, saw the "fair zoo" complete with a baby cow and a baby horse. She really liked it and then had an ice cream cone just before we left. Overall, I'd say the fair was a huge hit!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nothing like the fair!!

Lauren is a fan of the rides, the lights and the spectacle of people she saw. And the people are a fan of Lauren. She was the cutest kid at the fair and I'm including the baby goats we saw. She kept calling it the "Fair Zoo" since she really liked the 4H animal exhibts. I think that she was most impressed, however, by the snapping turtle in the creek that we saw on our walk back from seeing the "Fair Zoo".
I always loved going to the fair and I have very wonderful memories of going with my mother and grandmother and eating fish sandwiches, elephant ears, Malone's State Fair taffy and playing BINGO! and on the last night of the fair, I always got a mylar balloon that stayed up for weeks!! I hope Lauren has similar memories.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The reality of terrorist attacks

On 9/11, I was afraid. I was actually terrified and I live no where near any place threatened by terrorists. I was afraid for me, my family and friends and all of the children in my care at the daycare. We were just blocks from the airport and all of the planes overhead were suddenly disappering. It was surreal.
Today I am afraid for an entirely different reason. Before, it was really just me to worry about. Now it's a whole different story. What about Lauren? She is my whole life and I am worrier by nature, so now it's a lot more real.
Before 9/11 when I watched the news and there had been a terror attack somewhere, I thought "How sad" and moved on. Now I cannot stop reading about what just happened in London and recounts of what happened in NYC. It's sadly so much more real now.
Be safe.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not a fan of the FUNDER WORKS!! (fireworks)

Not that Lauren hated them, she like the sparkles, but hated the booms! You know, the chest rattling, scare you out of your pants noises that accompany the 2 seconds of beauty in the sky. She is certain the trade off is not fair. The further we were from FUNDER WORKS, the better she liked them.
And then, Tuesday morning when she woke up, she asked for more FUNDER WORKS so I guess no long term damage was done.