Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One year ago today

I don't know why drs. (actually, insurance companies) think that in two short days, a woman who has given birth, has stuff coming out of everywhere (tears, other etc.), has gotten very little sleep and has no adult food at home is ready to bring home a baby who is just hours old. But they sent us on our merry way and we made it.
Doesn't seem possible that one year ago tonight, we were alone for the first time as our new family. It's all up to us. We make the decisions, right or wrong. We decide bedtime (ha-ha!!), feeding time (yeah right!), when to change her, how to dress her etc., etc., etc... Lots of resposibilities for two people who, until now, had to decide what to do this weekend, what movie to go see, where to go eat and those were the BIG decisions. Now it's what to feed her that isn't pure sugar. Where will she go to pre-school? There are waiting lists you know. How will she wear her hair once it gets long enough? Will she ever like to play in the grass as much as she likes the porch? I guess two days is enough training. Thank goodness the drs. and nurses get more, that's all I'm saying...

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