Friday, February 20, 2009

And so it goes...

Jack is talking more and more everyday. Today he said, "Momma? Go over dere (there)? Please go now?" Wow! That's a lot of words strung together for a 2 yr. 2 1/2 mo. old. He is a very clear speaker. Reminds me of a little girl I know...

By the way, the talking at school is mostly under control, but she still is a bit chatty from time to time. No idea where she gets it though...Anyway, she is doing so well in school that I wonder if she is chatty due to lack of things to do. Case in point; she brought home a worksheet from school the other day and had it done in one minute and I am not kidding. Eighteen fill-ins and she was right on everyone. If she is doing work that quickly while she is at school, I know why she is talking. She's bored.

I know the school has to bring everyone up to the level where they need to be for 1st grade, but since half of her class DID attend preschool, why are these kids being made to do work that is beneath their ability? It seems unfair either way you look at it. On one hand, you wouldn't want to have the kid that is being left in the dust, on the other have Lauren and her equally qualified classmates in the high ability courses who are buzzing through the work and then getting bored.

What's a kindergartner to do?

More later...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

This is my blog, so I'll brag if I want too!

Lauren is smart. We have all known that for a long time. However, she took a test at school and will now be in the High Ability section of kindergarten. This will focus on different think/problem solving styles with a small group in her classroom. Harper is piloting this program for kindergarten for EVSC, so we are very excited!


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter sucks the life from our tree...

It all started Monday night with some snow and ice and a phone call from EVSC that there would be no school Tuesday, and it went downhill (weather-wise) from there. Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning we lost power and by 9 am, the house was 57 degrees and we were packing to move to Princeton for a few days. We came back Thursday and it was 44 degrees in the living room. By Saturday, it was 41 degrees in there. We lost our fish to the cold...Lauren cried and cried. We had a funeral and promised a new fish or two and she pepped up. On Saturday afternoon about 4:30, Vectren held up it's end of the bargain and restored our power. YAY!!! We were lucky to only lose a few groceries and freezer items.
Today, we are getting some groceries and snacks for the Super Bowl and have a Junk-Food-Bowl and a good time at home.
Tomorrow will start our first "normal" week in three weeks. Malee is home from the hospital and feeling much better, we have power, Lauren should have school again...ah!
Life is good!!