Saturday, September 17, 2011

She loved it!

The lock in was a success. She had fun, met nice kids, ate pizza and had a scavenger hunt that ended with ice cream, watch "The Brady Family (Bunch)" movie and learned about her bible. SUCCESS!!

Today after pick up, we went to the Franklin Farmer's Market where I spotted two celebrities. Not super star struck, but definitely star excited. I played it cool and didn't attack them or take their picture or anything, but I did want to...They deserve to have family shopping/normal time, right? Right.

Off to dinner with friends thanks to Living Social. Maybe we will see more celebrities? I know the Judds have been known to eat there.

More later...

Friday, September 16, 2011

First church lock in

Tonight is Lauren's first church lock in. All of the 3rd graders at our church were presented a bible last Sunday and tonight they will learn how to use them. I think it is a terrific idea! A bible can be a confusing tool to use, especially at first! She is very excited!! I volunteered to take a dozen cookies, so after school drop off this morning, Jack and Kate and I will be going to Sam's to get some cookies. Wonder if he'll try to get me to buy some for our house as I know.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A few things have happened since December....

Dec. 17: Found out we had to move to TN
Dec. 18: I was admitted to St. Mary's for stomach flu/sever dehydration/rapid heartbeat and put in ICU for baby and heart monitoring
Dec. 19: Released from the hospital, told the kids we were moving. It was not pretty.
Dec. 30-31: Spent time in TN to find a place to live.
Jan. 6: Talked to the relo company
Jan. 11: Moving semi arrived, pulled down the power line, kids were out of school for snow, so they were there for the packing both days
Jan. 14: Met the truck in TN for unloading
Jan. 17: John started his new job, we stayed in IN to finish the pg./deliver etc.
Feb. 10: KATHERINE ALLISON was born
Feb. 24: The entire family leaves for TN
Feb. 28: Lauren starts her new school, Johnson Elementary

We do lots of fun things...summer comes and goes (far to quickly) and here we are. Lauren in 3rd grade, Jack in PreK, and Kate 7 mo. old.

I'll try to be better about posting...we'll see.