Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gardening 101

Jack, Lauren and I went to Rural King to buy some plants to plant. They liked seeing the dirt dug and Lauren loves to do the watering. We are trying to grow tomatoes, strawberries, cantaloupe, squash, cauliflower and broccoli. Wish us luck...Any growing tips GREATLY appreciated!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


If you can see my account, please check out all of the new photos. If you are not a member but want an invite, let me know. I have some pictures marked as public, but not too many of the kids. Mostly just Disney and zoo stuff. I try to keep the kids private because of sickos! Anyway, lots of new pictures if you wanna see. Send me an email, I'll send you a flickr invite. Simple.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


We took cupcakes to school Thursday and she had a ball. On her actual birthday, we had our play friends meet us at Chuck E Cheese's and fun was had by all. Saturday she lost another tooth, this time her front center right one, and we geared up for her family party on Sunday. She got her big gift (a Hula Girl bike!) and promptly fell off (and John ended up with a scraped knee) and declared she was not going to ride again until she is 8 years old. Within 3 hours, she was back on it and doing fine.
Tomorrow, we go to the doctor for her 5 yr. old appointment and Tuesday, we have kindergarten round up. YIKES!
Up next: Figuring out how to slow time...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

And now...

blue tongue
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the blue tongue!!!

Her big entrance!

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Lauren brand spankin' new!!!
This is it...

We are at her 5th birthday-eve. Dang. I remember where we were that night and what we did. First, Rebecca and Mother came down to go with me to see Dr. Brown, we decided to induce the next day, we went to the hospital to see Daisie (who up to that point was the most beautiful newborn I had ever seen), went to Kiplee's for supper, came home and went to bed, didn't sleep, was already awake when the alarm went off, listened to WRAY where Rebecca was working and playing all baby-related songs and our wedding song for us (which, by the way, made me teary then and when I think about it now) and the rest is history...WOW!
And what a history it is!!