Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sorry for the lull...

So, next week we have our PreK teacher meeting. How is she old enough for preschool you may ask? Let me tell you: I have no idea. The fact that she starts Kindergarten in under a year blows me away and I all but refuse to believe it. She is very excited for school to start. This year, she will be going 3 days per week. Sigh...How will I ever manage her being gone 5 days a week? I know I will find things to do, but imagining life without her for 6+ hrs. a day seems impossible.

Jack is full on, no holds barred, crawling/pulling up/beginning to cruise and my life is about to increase in speed by, oh, I don't know, 500 TIMES!!! He knows no fear, is not even a bit timid and is very friendly to every person whether they are friendly back or not.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Tooth count: Jack, 6 in Lauren, 2 out

So, Jack is now crawling, not only army style, but occasionally on his hands and knees as well. He also pulls up, but is not cruising yet (which is fine by me!) but I know that is coming.
I booked our vacation for December. If you know what it is, great. If not, I'm not telling. Yet. Let's just say, Lauren will LOVE it with a very capital LOVE!!!

More later...