Friday, April 16, 2004

Not sure what happened

I posted a few days ago about our "wabbler toddler" and it's not showing up. Blogger support is checking on it. I believe I posted Wednesday. Didn't want anyone to think I was slacking...

Water, Water, Everywhere

Last night was our first swimming "lesson". Honestly, it was more a play in the water class which is fine by me. We are not trying to make her an Olympic swimmer, just someone who has fun in the water with Momma and Daddy. She was clingy at first, then not, then clingy again and finally, had a lot of fun with her ball and let me have her float (with my hands under her the entire time) and hold the ball. She was honestly not very happy when we got out of the water. The neatest thing in the locker room was a swim suit dryer. It was basically a spin cycle to get out excess water, but I was impressed. I think we are going to like going to the YMCA.

More later...

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