Sunday, April 19, 2009

Raphael Jude

By the way, here is the new nephew. It took a while for me to post it, but here he is! Cutie!!!
Is this working from my phone? Just what I need! Another way to express myself, anytime, from anywhere!!

Name that park....

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Yesterday, all of the kids went to the park to play and enjoy the first really nice day in WEEKS! Also, the lion that used to be a water fountain and is now a trash receptacle/band aid holder/keeper of typhoid (I mean, have you seen that thing lately? EEK!) is still there, though I don't know why.
Jenna got to play for the first time and seemed to love the swing. We think it brought back memories of being a baby in her swing that she loved so much.
Jack is not a bit afraid of the big, red and white twisty slide. I, however, am.
Lauren was making rock angels. They are a lot like snow angels, but in the dirty rocks....anyway...
It was a gorgeous day spent with great kids!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The new nephew

He's here. His name is Raphael Jude, 19 in long, 6 pds. 14 oz. lots of dark hair and monkey toes (I mean that in a kind way!).
And he was born on our 10 yr. wedding anniversary. What a fantastic gift! A baby! And I didn't have to give birth to him! YAY all around!!!
Emily and Mark seem very happy, if not a little tired. The best is yet to come for them.
Lauren LOVES to hold Rafe! LOVES IT! Jack doesn't seem to notice him much, but talks a lot about going to see "Baby Rafe" so he knows that babies name. That counts for something, right?
We are getting some things done up here and eating some good food, but nothing compares to a new baby.
I will post pictures after I find the one that is best of him and his beautiful little face. In the meantime, you get us.
Now we have a niece and a nephew and two perfect kids of our own. Life is indeed good!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lauren's 6th birthday 077

Lauren's 6th birthday 156

Lauren is 6

Yesterday was a fantastic day for fun. We started the day with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to you while still in jammies.She opened a couple of gifts and off we went to an Easter egg hunt where the kids each got a prize and enough candy that the bunny could skip our house next weekend (though he won't).
Next, we went to Sam's to pick up her cake and some food to grill out later. We ate lunch there, hurried home to change clothes and go downtown to Lic's for her friends birthday party. It was lots of fun, lots of sugar and lots of great friends with gifts to match.
Then, home again home again jiggity jig for rests and readying the house for our family birthday party.
We grilled burgers, had chips and dip and veggies, fruit and dip and then opening more presents. She got so many neat things, but I think the money from her cards was the biggest hit.
Only one time yesterday did I get teary and it was when we were getting out of the truck and I opened her door to help her out, hugged her and realized how fast time really does go. 12 yrs until she is 18. What will I do then? Sigh...
It's all going so fast, and I am enjoying watching both kids grow and change, but does it have to be so fast?????
I will post a few pictures here later and all are up at my flickr account.