Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer vacation so far...

Has been awesome! We have had a lot of lazy days, just what summer break is all about. She is signed up for VBS at Aldersgate again this year, a week at Acros, two weeks of swimming lessons and then we will leave for Florida.
Both kids are signed up for the EVPL summer reading program.
We are going to have a great summer!!!

YAY for us!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watch this...

30 seconds later, she went to the front of the swing, grabbed his feet (like I do to her to swing her) and pulled him out of the swing and from where I was sitting, I heard him hit the ground. Not good. He is ok and so is she after being slightly traumatized, but hey! Life goes on...

We are officially done with kindergarten and she did AWESOME! All four grading periods, A honor roll, perfect attendance, 3 grading periods of citizenship, and she got the teacher for 1st grade she (and I!) was hoping for so that's the icing on a delicious cake!

I am SO proud of her! May her school career always be so successful!!