Saturday, March 15, 2014

Well, I didn't do any better apparently....

It's only been since November this time since I posted, but here we are... March already.

The kids are early risers, even on spring break. Up since before 7:00...wonder where they get that? Hmmm.... Anyway, it is going to be a pretty day and tonight they will go with John for a Boy Scout sleep over at  The Adventure Science Center in Nashville and they are very excited!!

Kate and I will stay home, have dinner and watch a show before she goes to bed. Eventually, she will get to go, too, but even though she is sure she's really "big", she isn't quite there yet...yet.

In about two and a half months it will be summer break again and that will mean swimming and late bedtime and sunshine and tan lines...and the kids on bikes and at the park and picnics...sounds like I'm wishing time away but I know how much fun they'll have. Now...if only I knew how to make them not fight, which has become somewhat the norm here, I'd be golden...

Lauren will be 11 in 20 days...where did my baby go? She's so tall now...and emotional...and sweet...and funny. Sings and dances...she's amazing. She's the reason I started this blog. She's who made me a mom. She taught me that it's awesome and scary at the same time to have a piece of you walking around outside your body. That it is possible to love someone with your whole heart...every day...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Talk about the 'land of the abandoned blog'....geez


Me, obviously.

Here's the latest:

Lauren, age 10 1/2 going on 18...enjoying 5th grade (mostly), loves LOVES Honors Choir, is playing flute and 'finally (her words, not mine) getting the fingerings'...she likes a few boys here and there but is not boy crazy thankfully. Her reading level has come up to where it needs to be quite quickly this school year and I'm very proud of her efforts, tho I sometimes have to force the effort...but whatever it takes!

Jack, who will be 7 in less than a month, has charmed his 1st grade teacher just has he has charmed all of the teachers he has ever had. He enjoys math (who are these kids???), has tons of friends, is a little chatty in class (NO CLUE where he gets that!) and takes his lunch almost everyday tho he is trying to expand his food choices...trying to. He just finished his fourth season of Franklin Baseball and he enjoyed it a lot. He is also LOVING Cub Scouts and is in pack 151. This kid was made for Boy Scouts!

Kate, age 2 1/2 going on 16...enjoys life. TALKING, no exaggeration, she talks non stop, loves dressing up as Snow White, or a cheerleader, or a cheerleader/Snow White/super hero and then says, "ZOOOOOOOOM!" as she runs down the hallway. Her favorite thing to yell from my bedroom where she plays and watches tv is, "MO SHOW!!!" when Doc McStuffins has ended, or is near ending...about half the time she throws in a "Please!" without being asked. She eats nearly anything we offer her, and almost always eats from our plate or bowl no matter what we are eating.

Franklin is a great match for us. Lots to do and see, places to go, great friends, and pretty amazing weather most all of the time.

John and I are still working out, and getting healthier and stronger and trying to set good examples for our kids to see exercise is GOOD! and makes us feel better and have more energy!!

I'll try to not go another YEAR without posting, but we'll see how it goes....

More later...

Monday, October 01, 2012

Lesson for this morning

Lauren was trying to convince Katie to eat. She said, "Do you know how to take a bite?" and Katie nodded her head. "Do you know how to chew?" and she nodded again. "Then do that. Then you have to digest your food. But first it has to go down your sarc....sarc...sarcophagus!" I waited and said, "Esophagus?" Lauren said, "Yes!! That's it! Esophagus!"

Oh, the conversations that happen here...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School has started

Lauren likes 4th grade!! Jack has had a half day of Kindergarten, but LOVES it! Yay!!! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 This summer was the travel summer. First Texas for a beautiful wedding and visiting family we don't see nearly often enough and then Gatlinburg. We are lucky to get to do so many fun things with our children. We stayed with Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg and have stayed with them for ten years . New adventures in Gatlinburg included a new miniature golf course , the Hollywood Star Car Museum , and they got to Pan for Gems One of the neatest was a drive through zoo call Circle G Ranch Of course, we also enjoy the Smoky Mountain National Park took lots of pictures and I will post a few after they are uploaded.

School starts WAY TOO SOON and then Kate and I will have to find a schedule that works for us without Jack and Lauren... Sigh...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

TRADITION!!! All 3 of my children love... Blue's Clues. Lauren loved "buppy" (a combinations of blue and puppy). Jack loved "bow bow" (the sound she makes when she 'talks') and now Kate waves and dances when the show starts and says, "bow? bow?". It makes John and me smile to see a third child love this show. The sad news is, it hasn't been new since August 2006. But now, we watch with her and sing the songs and know what is coming up next and realize Blue Puppy is back in our lives and that's a good thing.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Today was one of those days.... Everything worked just how you would hope. We got up on time, and Jack LOVED the Tiny Tike Triathlon and rode and ran his heart out. At the end, he got his medal and while holding it, said, "This is such an honor." He makes me smile. After the triathlon, we came home and got ready to go to the zoo. It was the biggest crowd I have ever seen at the zoo with normal visitors plus 3 corporate events going on. We take a picnic and were able to sit under the enormous shade tree and enjoy the amazing weather. We saw the new giraffe exhibit and went through the dinosaur exhibit twice!! Jack and Lauren loved it and Kate waved and smiled at all of the dinos! I lo
ve having a membership! After we left the zoo, we drove around for a little bit so Kate could nap and once she woke up, we stopped at Sonic for ice cream. With this awesome weather, we went to the park so the kids could run some more. Jack is trying to learn to swing on his own, which frustrates him a lot!! Lauren loved monkey bars and can skip the ones that hang from a chain. Kate really enjoys the slide that is just her size, or likes to climb on anything... Since it was so nice, we opted for dinner where we could sit outside and eat. Lauren DID NOT enjoy to smokers!! DID! NOT! and listed all of the problems that smoking causes and declared if it were up to her, she'd outlaw cigarettes and drugs. Except for the good drugs....and then asked John why he was drinking beer (of all things!), and totally judged him, too! After coming home and taking baths, today was determined to be a rousing success!!! Dare I say, perfect!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that tomorrow is the last day I will ever take Jack to preschool. In just a few short weeks, he'll be starting kindergarten. Out in the real world, with real kids...and not so many hugs and loves and mothering. Sigh... It's also hard to believe Lauren is nearly done with 3rd grade. Next year will be her last in elementary school...I KNOW I am not ready for that!!! The big bonus for Lauren and Jack is that next year, they will go to lunch at the same time which will (initially anyway) thrill them both!! By then, Kate will be so big and so busy, we will have time for just the two of us. I'll feel a huge empty spot where Jack normally is during the day. Time flies when you're having fun, so we must be having the time of our lives!!