Saturday, March 06, 2004


The little barrettes that people put in babies hair are DANGEROUS! I am talking about the barrettes that are metal and shaped with one end wider than the other and they snap and bend closed. Speaking as someone who now has experience having to beat a child on the back to make her breathe, two times in fact to get her to make any type of noise, made her spit up and then realized she choked on something I put in her hair. I am telling you, the barrettes are cute but so not worth a trip to the ER with a hysterical mother (that would be me). She had to have a chest x-ray to be sure the barrette was not in her lungs. I didn't even realize that was a possibility. I am glad I called the pediatrician. Although, before I talked to the nurse there, I was a lot calmer. John had to come home from work. I hope nothing like that ever happens again. I know it will, but a mom can dream can't she? The worst part, but really the best part; she was sitting in my lap when it happened. She just got really stiff and I looked at her and that's how I found out. What if she had been down the hall? What if...

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