Thursday, March 04, 2004

How amazing!

I can ask Lauren where my nose is and she points to it, she says, "Itty" and "Oggy" (or what I imagine that's what she says) when the cat and dog walk into the room, mama and dada are also common. This little person who grew inside of me is now her own person. WOW!!! Walking won't be far behind then there will be no stopping her. Like there is stopping her now.
She is so fast and strong willed. The other day, she was beating the cat and I said, "Lauren stop hitting the cat." She looked straight at me and did it again. John said, "Lauren NO!" She burst into tears. That was the first of many times. Seriously, she had the saddest look on her face. I promise I will try to not let that sad face sway my discipline efforts, but seriously. Who teaches babies to cry so sorrowfully? Tugs at the heart strings I tell 'ya!

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