Sunday, February 29, 2004

Warning: This may be lengthy and has little to nothing to do with Lauren. Read at your own risk.

While out to dinner on Friday night with John, Lauren and Rebecca, the most odd things happened. We were asked to wait about 5 minutes while a table was cleared, which was fine because who doesn't want a clean table? There was another party right behind us with four adults and a baby about Lauren's age. When we sat down, our waitress took our drink orders and said that they were short staffed so she was sorry things were taking a while. We ordered and got our appetizers within about 10 or 15 minutes after we ordered. Not too bad. The table next to us said they had to wait a while for food as well, but they were eating. After 45 minutes of waiting, Lauren needed changed. We went to the restroom where there was not a changing station. When we got back to the table we had our food and so did the table next to us who came in about 10 minutes after us. The party that came in behind us with the baby still had no food. I really didn't notice because I was too busy noticing our food was old. We didn't complain to the waitress simply because of how long it took to get our food in the first place and Lauren was loosing patience. I don't blame her. A man from the party with no food got up and went to the kitchen window where the cook/dishwasher, I'm not sure which, promptly told the man to go sit down. A minute or two later, their food came out. The man must have said something to the effect of "we should not have to pay for this", which I tend to agree with. The waitress must have repeated this in front of the cook/dishwasher. He then came out of the kitchen and said, "If you aren't going to pay for it, then just don't eat it. There are orders in front of yours and we are really busy tonight." So? He then returned to the kitchen. One of the women at the table told the waitress that they had ordered fries not chips. The waitress apologised and said maybe she could get them free dessert or something. Everyone in the dining room was mumbling about poor customer service and how ridiculous the way that the c/d had treated that customer. The c/d then returned and said, "I don't know what your problem is. We are really busy. There are orders ahead of yours". The customer said, "That table came in after us and they already have their food." The c/d said, "Well, maybe they ordered something different than you did. I don't know." Anyway, the customer handed the c/d his plate and got up to go. When the customer tried to walk around the c/d, the c/d backed up on purpose and the the customer couldn't get around. Since they bumped into one another, the c/d dropped a couple of plates. The c/d then said, "See what happens when people get mad?" The woman at the table with the baby said, "I'm going to take my baby and go." To which the c/d said, "I wish you would."
The c/d never even took in to consideration that there were also other children in the room. Including Lauren, four other children and then the baby at the table. Family dining? I don't think so.
I had never seen anything so blantly rude and unnecessary. What happened to the customer being right? Anyway, we were not sure we would ever go back anyway and then it happened. Mother called about an hour later and said a woman who works there called her and said we had paid the wrong ticket and therefore we had under paid. Our total was $45.91 with tip we paid $60. We ordered 3 cokes, a pound of pork, a 3 appetizer platter, 2 orders of potato skins, 1 order of mushrooms, 1 house salad, 1 order of mushrooms caps, and a grilled cheese. I thought the ticket seemed right. WRONG! We ended up paying the ticket for the table with the problem. Our total was $64.13. WHAT???? I told them to take it out of the tip and I was not paying the additional $4.13 for their mistake. They were lucky we weren't complaining about how long it took to get our food and that it was old when we got it. I assured her that there was not to be another charge on my card. She assured me that their wouldn't. I will be watching my statement. What if the woman had not known who we were? She wouldn't have been able to call us. I was ticked and so was John.
I didn't include the name of the restaurant here, but if you e-mail me, I'll tell you the name. It is in Princeton on south Main St.

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