Saturday, February 21, 2004

The mystery of naps

Yesterday: 5 1/2 hours worth of naps.
Today: 1 1/2 hours worth of naps.


I think that if she is sleepy I should let her sleep AND last night she was awake for about 20 minutes once and when she got up again, I took her to bed and I had to wake her this morning to leave for a loan closing. It just makes no sense to me. There is no rhyme or reason to sleep and babies. A fact I knew before, but now I really understand. Sleep is something I miss. Don't get me wrong, I'm not missing sleep all together. I just miss 7 solid hours of sleep, or at least the opportunity to try. I think that before I had Lauren and said I was tired or sleep, I was just being a wus. Now I know what those word really mean.
I have been advised to sleep when she sleeps. I have a problem convincing myself though. I have always had trouble sleeping at night if I slept during the day. Maybe that was then and this is now so I should possibly try it. I might actually like being able to be a fully functioning adult again.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love Lauren? She is amazing, beautiful, funny, charming, sweet and completely kissable. She is all around my favorite thing in the entire world and up until now, chocolate and coke were very high on that list. She blows them out of the water. Now, understand that I love the rest of my family unconditionally, but there is no love in the entire world like the love for your child. Nothing compares...

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