Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Reading group at the library

We went to reading group today and I really watched Lauren from a "distance" and this is what I think. I think that the last ten months have been so fast that I don't know how much faster time can go. I also know that for every year I have lived, time speeds up. And speeds up and speeds up. Therefore, she will be graduating before I know it. Why? Why can't she stay small just a little while longer? I know I can't wish time to slow down, so I will do what I can to enjoy every day of her pulling up, smiling, crying, waking at night and try to be patient even when patience is the last thing on my mind. I will try to remember that sweet breath on my neck while she is sleeping on my shoulder when she is wailing because she doesn't get her way. I will try to remember the sweet kisses I get when she is screaming for no apparent reason. I will also try to remember that she is her own person and I am trying to rear her to have an opinion and express it even if it is different than mine. I will try.

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