Friday, February 20, 2004

Better sleep, sorta'...

Last night Lauren went to sleep OK, however, after 30 very short minutes in her own bed, she awakened screaming! I put her next to me and she went to sleep right away. Slept all night with her foot in my back, but she slept. Everything I have read says that she should be sleeping 11 hours a night and 3 1/2 a day. Yeah, right! We average 8 hours a night and 3 during the day. She is growing great, happy when she is awake and rarely looks sleep deprived. I guess she's OK.
Thanks to all of our family for the recent help watching Lauren for work or fun!! We really appreciate it!
Keep your fingers crossed thar all goes well with the AT&T/Cingular buy out. We've been here before. Happy thoughts...:)

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