Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sad News

Last night about 9 o'clock, I got a phone call letting me know a friend of mine had died. It was not a surprise to me, but still, it makes me pause and think of him and his wife and three children. I saw him just last week, lying in his bedroom which now contained a twin bed for his wife and a hospital bed for him. He was sleeping and looked tired. I heard that yesterday, he seemed peaceful. Ready. He lived longer than doctors predicted. They said 2 years. He said HA! and lived 2 years, 1 month and 27 days.
I don't know how his wife will find the strength to go on. But she will. For their children, for their sanity, and mostly, because she doesn't have a choice.
I wish I knew what to do now. I guess just be their friend. Offer to help when I can. I am truly sorry to hear this news. I hope I never know the pain she has to be going through.

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