Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My big girl

I look at Lauren everyday. I look at her hair getting so long. I look at her shoes she is outgrowing. I look at how much she knows. I notice how her face is changing. I see her mind working. How she waves to me. How she smile with all 16 teeth shining. I only really look at these changes when I see younger pictures of her. How much she has changed.
One short year ago, she was 1 month and 15 days old. WOW!! I knew we'd get here eventually, but so soon?
She climbs on the couch. She "beats" the cat. She watches TV. She dances. She swims. She talks to the dog and to us. What happened to the crying, helpless baby? She's growing up and too fast.
That's my big girl...

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