Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Installments 2-7

So, the jellyfish ruined everyday on the beach, but we frolicked in the pool, Lauren learned to not only go all of the way under water, but to jump in without holding the side of the pool and to doggie paddle from one end of the pool to the other. Although Jack liked the pool for a while, his favorite spot to play was in the shower normally used to get sand off of you before you leave the beach. Oh well. To each their own.
We ate at lots of places that were wonderful with great food and view to match. The best meal we had was at Pompano Joe's ( Both the food and service was outstanding and the view was fabulous. We also enjoy Whale's Tail At Seascape. Also good food and service, but the view was the best. Jack had a little diaper issue here and there was no changing table, so that sucked, but we handled it. When John and I went out for our "date night" we found some seashells which was amazing, because this part of FL is not known for shells, but then we ate at The Donut Hole Bakery Cafe and it was AWESOME! Great food, HUGE portions and very personable staff.
We got to shop at Publix ( and I love Publix. Great store brands and good prices. We got Cuban sandwiches from there and they were so cheap but great value.
Yes, I know I sound like a review site, but so much good food on one trip is almost unheard of.
On Friday, John and Chuck went deep sea fishing on a charter boat and had a ball. They each caught a big King Mackrel fish and would definitely go again.
We took a dolphin cruise and I won't go again. The water was too rough for me and Jack vomitted too, so that's enough for me.
Jack cut a tooth while we were there. Lower left 2 yr. molar.
Glad to be home...

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