Friday, August 01, 2008

Our vacation: Installment 1

We arrived last Saturday and the condo was very nice. We unloaded our truck, went to the beach and that is when Jack decided sand is EVIL EVIL EVIL and surely going to eat his feet. Thus, running (as well as you can run in very soft sand and being just shy of 20 mo. old) toward the stairs was the only plausible option for him. We noticed no one in the water and wondered why, then John spotted the jellyfish. They would be our nemesis the entire trip.
We explained to Lauren about the different colored flags on the beach and what they meant and that we were waiting for a green flag. It never came. Purple flag means aquatic life which can be jellyfish, stingrays or other dangerous fish. Everyday with the purple flag and varying degrees of yellow and red warning of medium to large waves.
That night, we ate at Joe's Crab Shack. It was good food, good atmosphere and the best part as far as I am concerned was the playground for the kids to use while we waited for our table. The kids got new tie-dyed shirts and that was it for day one.

More later...

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