Thursday, July 07, 2005

The reality of terrorist attacks

On 9/11, I was afraid. I was actually terrified and I live no where near any place threatened by terrorists. I was afraid for me, my family and friends and all of the children in my care at the daycare. We were just blocks from the airport and all of the planes overhead were suddenly disappering. It was surreal.
Today I am afraid for an entirely different reason. Before, it was really just me to worry about. Now it's a whole different story. What about Lauren? She is my whole life and I am worrier by nature, so now it's a lot more real.
Before 9/11 when I watched the news and there had been a terror attack somewhere, I thought "How sad" and moved on. Now I cannot stop reading about what just happened in London and recounts of what happened in NYC. It's sadly so much more real now.
Be safe.

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