Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not a fan of the FUNDER WORKS!! (fireworks)

Not that Lauren hated them, she like the sparkles, but hated the booms! You know, the chest rattling, scare you out of your pants noises that accompany the 2 seconds of beauty in the sky. She is certain the trade off is not fair. The further we were from FUNDER WORKS, the better she liked them.
And then, Tuesday morning when she woke up, she asked for more FUNDER WORKS so I guess no long term damage was done.

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Alicia said...

Logan wasn't much of a fan either but once we went inside he viewed them through the window. Today I found him in his room painting a picture. When I asked him what he was painting he said,"fire orks ma, hot fire, see ig fire all fire" So I guess it didn't scar him either.