Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just us girls

For the next couple of nights, John will be out of town on business. SO, it will be Lauren, "Big Libby" (Lauren's name for the dog), "Baby Grace"(Lauren's name for the cat who weighs 18 pds.) and me. Lord help us.
We do have some plans. Tomorrow for lunch, Chuckie Cheese with some friends, loan closing tomorrow night, Thursday evening an open house for Hands on Discovery. Friday maybe swimming.
I know we can do it without John, but we don't want to. We will miss him. The dog will be a basket case. The cat will cry and try to get in out bedroom. Lauren won't sleep well so neither will I.
We will try to have fun, after all isn't that what girls want? They just wanna have fun!
I'll let you know...

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