Saturday, October 08, 2011


This is some wonderful weather we are having. Beautiful, blue skies, around 80 degrees. Makes me want to take a walk at night, but without a sitter to watch the kids and not wanting to carry sleepy kids home, we don't walk at night.

Kate is growing like a weed, Lauren and Jack are, too. Hard to believe he'll soon be 5 yrs. old. I enjoy seeing them be older siblings to Kate. Jack LOVES to make her laugh and giggle. His favorite pass time is giving "zerberts" on my arm. Lauren is reading more, on her own, with no prompting from me. She is working hard in her intervention program to get up to speed on reading. Math is certainly her strong suit! Don't know how or where she got that, but I'm thankful she did!

Kate is now up to 8 teeth and started crawling a couple of days ago. TOO FAST!

More later...

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