Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall break

Who gets a week long fall break? FSSD, that's who! So the launch of the iPhone perfectly aligned with Jenna's birthday party, so John did not get to go to Indiana with us. I packed up the kids and headed to Indiana. Friday night, we spent at Mother and Dad's house, got up Saturday morning and went to Rebecca and Bryan's house to let the kids play and visit. After that, we went to get Malee to head to Evansville for Cici's Pizza for lunch and going shopping at Sam's Club. When we got back in town, we went to Aunt Marie's house for a small family gathering for her 98th birthday. It's always good to see family, but it does make me miss granddad, especially when I see Uncle Norman. (as a side note, I originally typed his name as Normal, which makes me laugh because I know no normal Carnahans). We spent Saturday night at Chuck and Malee's house and then Sunday was PARTY DAY!
It's hard to believe Jenna is 4 already! We played, ate and watched gifts be opened and enjoyed. Then Daisie and Daphne got to come over and play for a while. Kate enjoyed a nap outside with Dusti holding her until they had to head home. From there, we headed to Jill's parents house to play with her kids for a couple of hours, then on to Janelle's house to play there too!
Finally on Monday, we headed back to the land of Dixie. It was good to be home. We missed John and I think he missed us, too. We played around and went out enjoyed ourselves since John was able to take some time off on Wed., Thurs and will again on Friday.
I'm glad for a week of fall break. Next break? A week off at Thanksgiving. Lots of breaks, but we'll make the best of all of them!!
More later...

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