Saturday, April 11, 2009

The new nephew

He's here. His name is Raphael Jude, 19 in long, 6 pds. 14 oz. lots of dark hair and monkey toes (I mean that in a kind way!).
And he was born on our 10 yr. wedding anniversary. What a fantastic gift! A baby! And I didn't have to give birth to him! YAY all around!!!
Emily and Mark seem very happy, if not a little tired. The best is yet to come for them.
Lauren LOVES to hold Rafe! LOVES IT! Jack doesn't seem to notice him much, but talks a lot about going to see "Baby Rafe" so he knows that babies name. That counts for something, right?
We are getting some things done up here and eating some good food, but nothing compares to a new baby.
I will post pictures after I find the one that is best of him and his beautiful little face. In the meantime, you get us.
Now we have a niece and a nephew and two perfect kids of our own. Life is indeed good!

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