Monday, October 20, 2008

So I got tagged...

By Amy Summers ( and it means I have to tell you 7 things about me you don't already know. OK, some of you know everything, but maybe I will surprise you.

1. I was decorating Bob Hart's dad's grave when I found out that I won my car.

2. Our grey and white dog was once a black and tan puppy.

3. I wore my beautiful green and black formal to 3 different proms, with 3 different dates, but only one who really matters.

4. I have lived in 6 different cities in my life.

5. When John and I were introduced, I was more interested in watching the series finale of "The Wonder Years" at Joe Rayes house than I was in meeting "...some high school kid".

6. For several years in a row, Rebecca and I would welcome the coming of summer with our annual "convertible sunburn". We would borrow mother's car and drive around with the top down until our arms were pink. That's when we knew it was no longer winter.

7. When John and I were first dating, we had gone to Evansville and our way back stopped at Windmill Bakery for donuts and milk (party animals!) and John took off at a green light really fast and made me spill milk down the front of my shirt. To this day, he makes fun of me for it.

I don't know how to link to other people very well, but Amy's blog is at the top and I recommend it.

More later...

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