Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween a day early!

This year Lauren will be a princess (no surprise) with a skirt that lights up with fiberoptics. She is thrilled! Jack will be Bam Bam to Jenna's Pebbles. By next year, I am guessing, he will have an opinion on what he wants to be. We got him a Blue's Clues costume a few weeks ago, but it freaked him out SO much that I think he was sure we actually skinned Blue and tried to make him wear her. The logic of an almost 2 yr. old escapes me. Anyway, he was so sad, we returned it. I fear (like another blog I read he will be the kid in the "this IS my Halloween costume" t-shirt in a few years. Fingers crossed that I am wrong.
Lauren's school doesn't do a Halloween party since so many children don't celebrate Halloween, but they do do a Christmas party. Whhaaaaaaaaat? Anyway, no party at school tomorrow which is a shame because I remember school parties with such fondness!

I will post some pictures as soon as I can.

More later...

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