Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And so it goes

We haven't slowed down yet and for the foreseeable future, slow is not on the horizon. Here's the breakdown:
This weekend: Friends in town until Monday, and they would like to go to the zoo, mall, and to Pump It Up, Sunday is the family birthday party, Tuesday is her birthday and we will be going to Chuck E Cheese's, Wednesday we have an appt., Thursday is her friend birthday party, Friday we have our class and are then leaving for the weekend to see a friend from WAY out of state, but are staying with our friend who will be with us this weekend. We will come back that Sunday, stopping by the outlet malls on the way home and the next day is our 7 yr. anniversary. Whew!! Plus, John is working and I have been also, so I am off to clean the house with help from an ever growing kid.

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