Sunday, September 04, 2005


The recent disaster in New Orleans made me think about a lot of things. If we were in the situation, we would have gotten out, but would we have taken strangers with us? People we didn't know, people with less than we are fortunate enough to take for granted everyday?
We have so much. A home. Food. Clean water. Good health. All of our family, in tact and accounted for.
I feel helpless. I wish I could do more than donate money. I think about every mother and every child and how, though they don't need material items to be happy, they do need some things. Space to run. Swings to swing on. Trees to marvel, clouds to count, birds to listen to. Not military trucks, M-16s and MRE's. Not that they are not greatful for the help that FINALLY came, but they need so much more.
I have always known we are lucky. Now I know for sure.
We will be sending money and maybe a box of "stuff" for the refugees. We wish them a speedy return to a normal life. What else can you do?

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InMama'sArms said...

it's a very scary situation down there. The people that are left behind...alot are becoming violent. My heart breaks for all the children and babies out there.