Sunday, August 07, 2005

A day of family fun

Yesterday, we went to Holiday World with my mom and dad and my sister and brother in law. Last year when we went, John had to work, so we were very happy he could go with us this year. It was HOT and crowded, but still lots of fun. Lauren rode a few rides and ate a little lunch and played for two hours in the water park before falling asleep immediately after being put in her stroller. She really enjoyed the water park most of all and there is a slide in the baby pool that allows several children to go down at once. John and I figure that she probably went down the slide a minimum of 15 times. One of us was at the top, one of us at the bottom and Lauren was in between on the slide or on the stairs on the way back up to do it again!! She had to be worn out, but we had to stop her in order to go on to another activity or we might still be there.
She also liked the Wave Pool and it knocked her down 6 times or more and took her under the water and she'd stand up and say, "Momma, I almost fell down!" and she'd do it again.
My little Daredevil!

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