Sunday, April 03, 2005

Day 1 of the Birthday Extravaganza!!

So much love and happiness fills our house daily, and today was no exception. We had the first of Lauren's birthday parties. Yes, I said partieS. We had the family party today and everyone who could be there, was. Parents (obviously), grandparents, great grandparents/uncle, aunt and uncles all hanging on her every word and gesture. How else would you want a second birthday? Did I just type SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY???? How is that even possible? That's for another day... Tomorrow John and I will be taking Lauren to Chuckie Cheese for fun, frolicking and pizza. Then, on Tuesday, the day I may actually pull out my hair, is her friend party. There will be 6 children around age 2 in my house, thankfully with their parents. Expect updates.
More later...

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