Sunday, November 10, 2013

Talk about the 'land of the abandoned blog'....geez


Me, obviously.

Here's the latest:

Lauren, age 10 1/2 going on 18...enjoying 5th grade (mostly), loves LOVES Honors Choir, is playing flute and 'finally (her words, not mine) getting the fingerings'...she likes a few boys here and there but is not boy crazy thankfully. Her reading level has come up to where it needs to be quite quickly this school year and I'm very proud of her efforts, tho I sometimes have to force the effort...but whatever it takes!

Jack, who will be 7 in less than a month, has charmed his 1st grade teacher just has he has charmed all of the teachers he has ever had. He enjoys math (who are these kids???), has tons of friends, is a little chatty in class (NO CLUE where he gets that!) and takes his lunch almost everyday tho he is trying to expand his food choices...trying to. He just finished his fourth season of Franklin Baseball and he enjoyed it a lot. He is also LOVING Cub Scouts and is in pack 151. This kid was made for Boy Scouts!

Kate, age 2 1/2 going on 16...enjoys life. TALKING, no exaggeration, she talks non stop, loves dressing up as Snow White, or a cheerleader, or a cheerleader/Snow White/super hero and then says, "ZOOOOOOOOM!" as she runs down the hallway. Her favorite thing to yell from my bedroom where she plays and watches tv is, "MO SHOW!!!" when Doc McStuffins has ended, or is near ending...about half the time she throws in a "Please!" without being asked. She eats nearly anything we offer her, and almost always eats from our plate or bowl no matter what we are eating.

Franklin is a great match for us. Lots to do and see, places to go, great friends, and pretty amazing weather most all of the time.

John and I are still working out, and getting healthier and stronger and trying to set good examples for our kids to see exercise is GOOD! and makes us feel better and have more energy!!

I'll try to not go another YEAR without posting, but we'll see how it goes....

More later...

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