Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer... far we have finished VBS (she loved it!!!), ACROS fun and fitness camp (she LOVED IT!), and we are now finding out how good she is at swimming. She's pretty good. Really, she is. She can swim underwater, doggy paddle, jump in and go under, and has jumped off of the diving board (OMG!!!!!!) and isn't afraid of the water, which scares me a little bit.
Jack has longed to go to "bibey scool" (I'm quoting how he says it) and to "gymnastis", and now it's swimming he wants to do, too. Instead, he got to go to the park that sits next to the pool, which isn't quite the same, but we do what we can.
We have spent a lot of time with our friends the Morris' and swam in their pool and jumped on their trampoline and played on their swingset and they were kind enough to keep the kids overnight for us so we could go to an out of town wedding this last weekend. They are awesome friends and we are truly blessed to have them in our lives.
I will post a few pictures in a minute, but with vacation coming up and then school starting I am beginning to wonder just how fast time flies...

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