Tuesday, June 17, 2008


That is what her bracelet said that she made today at bible school. Today she had fun, but keeps talking about these big boys who are SO BIG! Don't know if they are mean or nice, but I hear they may be 7 or 8 years old and that's old!!
Her friend Jack is in her group and normally they stick together, but at the end of today, they were separated by several kids and neither minded too much. That's fine since next year he won't be in our class, but I am sure that will throw her, for a couple of days anyway!
She seems to like the music as much as anything, though I am sure crafts rank way up near the top as well. We were able to get a CD of the music a couple of weeks ago, so it is familiar to Jack, Lauren and me and they sing the songs at the end of each day and now the songs are getting stuck in her head, which is more than a little frustrating if I do say so. Anyone know any remedies for that particular problem?

More as the week progresses...

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