Sunday, May 25, 2008

Momma! He's so pretty!

Uh-oh. Never a good sentence to hear your 5 yr. old girl say about your 1 yr. old boy. He came in with stick on earrings on and I just heard her say, "Pick your hair clip. Which one do you like the best?" I would stop it, but why? It won't be too long that he will allow this kind of playing, so why fight it? They are very funny and to hear them in the other room laughing together makes me smile every time. He thinks it it SO funny to sit on her when she is lying on the floor and then he bounces on her. She starts laughing, so does he and then I stop them for fear he might really hurt her, but it is fun for a second.
And now he is crying because the clip won't stay in. Sigh...

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