Thursday, February 09, 2006

2-8-06 040

2-8-06 040
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Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a hot topic of discussion at our house. "My birfday's soon!" and then I ask her when it is and she tells me. I then try to tell her approximately how long it really is until her birthday which I am sure seem like an eternity to her. It's not been that long ago since I counted down to my birthday from Ground Hog's Day on. I often blamed that Ground Hog for how long it was taking for my birthday to get here, so I understand her need for a birthday and a party.
Lauren loves to party! Her ideal day is pizza pie followed by cake. Guess what we'll be having when she turns 3?
I want to tell her to hold on and not rush, but how do you tell a child that?

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