Sunday, December 04, 2005

Would you believe...

Both of our trucks broke down and were undriveable on the SAME DAY??? Last Thursday was not a happy truck day in our house. Thank goodness Lauren didn't freak out in the rental car. My truck is now fixed and John is getting a new vehicle. This was also the busiest weekend we have had in a long, long, long time and we had company that we were so glad to see, but barely got to because of previous commitments and looking for a car and closing loans and life.
The next few weeks will be hectic for all of us, but keep up the Christmas spirit and love each other, will ya'? Be nice out in traffic and in lines at stores. Donate what you can to those who need it. Sit with your loved ones around the tree and enjoy the lights and down time. Remember family and friends and strangers and your postal carrier and your trash man and everyone else.
Merry Christmas!!

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