Sunday, May 01, 2005

And then it hit me...

All of my last few posts have been regarding our wreck or the repercussions from it. Enough already.
Lauren is still loving to play outside, wants to go out daily rain or shine, loves to use the hose to "hep Momma use wash" (help Momma use the water). She also wants to "hep Momma fee keekee" (help Momma feed the kitty), she wants to "drum" on the counter with her CD, she loves to eat "ch" (cheese) and "sup" (ketchup).
She is a talker, not sure where she gets that, and a lover. She wants "ug! ug!" (hugs) all of the time which I love and then "mo ugs!" (more hugs).
What a super person she is!!

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