Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treating fun!!

Fun, yet not. We trick or treated in Princeton last night and Lauren dressed as the World's Cutest Ballerina. She refused to walk through piles of leaves, but wasn't overly shy when "strangers" gave her candy. She seemed to enjoy the walk at night when we usually only walk during the day and it was warm enough, no coat was needed.
Today was a different story. This morning, she dropped a cup on her toe and broke her toe nail and skinned her toe. This afternoon, all was well, until she tripped and fell and caught herself with her face. Her nose, lip and forehead are scraped and she was mad and really hurt. Daddy to the rescue when she fell, and then momma had to Neosporin her face and sing You Are My Sunshine over and over and over. Whatever it takes. Poor little face.

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