Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lemme tell 'ya

Chicago is a great city. To visit. Not to drive in, not to ride in, but to visit and see Oprah and shop and eat, FANTASTIC! Loved it!
Lauren's babysitter was really nice and Lauren took right to her.
Our hotel was really nice too. Lauren even slept in the crib provided by the hotel and today before we left, they gave us a glass of milk for her.
There are stores there that I have only heard of or seen online. The Apple store was one of the most beautiful stores that I've ever been in and Lauren liked listening to an IPod playing Barry White.
Lake Michigan is bigger than I remember it, too. With lots of sail boats on a windy day.
In Chicago though, there are reminders that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. There are poor parts of the city and homeless people. In our small little corner of the world, you don't really see that too often. If you can carry everything you own in one milk crate, your world isn't so great. I hope no one I know is every in that position. For the record, if I know you and you ever feel like that is where you are headed, please tell me. I will help you.

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