Monday, July 12, 2004

OOO!! The pretty lights!!

When Lauren was 3 1/2 mo. old, we took her to the Gibson Co. Fair. She liked it OK I guess, but really, didn't seem too interested in all of the goings on around her. That was last year. This year, was completely different. The lights. The crowd. The music. And the ever growing darker clouds in the sky, made her sit up and take notice. She'd ooh and ahh over the rides moving, the lights flashing and the music blaring from the recently set-up rides and games. She didn't even look at my dad at first but sort of acknowledged his presence with a little wave while looking all around. Then, he got her a balloon and all of her attention turned to Granddaddy.
This year she didn't ride any rides because the impending clouds of doom rolling in, but next year, look out!!

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